Keeping Up with the Website

twitter_128I send out a Tweet using the Twitter account @TPWatVT when new content is published on this site. You can also see that feed in the sidebar on the right side, so even if you don’t use Twitter, you can scroll through the list in the sidebar to see what has been added recently. Note that this Twitter account is used only for updates from this website, so the number of Tweets sent out is very limited. It will not take over your Twitter feed.

email_128I also added a “Subscribe Via Email” option in the sidebar. Use this option to get an email message whenever I add a new content to the site. The process is simple: Add your email, and click subscribe. You’ll have to confirm your subscription. That’s it. The email messages will have information on how to unsubscribe if you decide you want to.

Finally, use the All Posts by Date link at the top of the page for a list of everything. You can visit that page to skim all the recent titles or to find something you remember reading here (but can’t remember when).



[Icons: Jolly By Hatchers, from iconspedia, under CC-by license]


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